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About Me

Welcome to Taylored Wisdom

I see the world as a realm of endless possibility, infinite outcomes and choice. I see you as someone who wants to be seen, heard, valued. I see us saying yes to the mess! Working together to create a life and business that aligns with who you are.

My Story

I spent the earliest part of my career in various roles within medium to large-sized corporations, all of which have tremendously influenced and shaped my understanding of the professional world. While I thrived in those dynamic environments, I often felt an underlying sense of emptiness. I yearned for work that held deeper meaning, where employees felt valued, and workplaces operated with love and compassion.


At the age of 28, I made the pivotal decision to leave the corporate world and start my own business. From a young age, my fascination with the human condition drove me. After becoming a certified psychotherapist, I was inspired to help others and sought to uncover the mysteries behind why people do what they do. This is a passion that continues to guide me today.

My approach is rooted in personal experience. As an eternal student, I continually explore my depths, aiming to help others do the same. I channel my 30+ years of professional knowledge to spiritually driven entrepreneurs and small business owners feeling overwhelmed by their daily demands, helping them reclaim their zest for life. Through deeper self-awareness, we explore the mindsets necessary to create authentic wealth, build lasting relationships, and improve overall health and well-being.

As CEO of Generon International, I guide my clients to new and deeper understandings resulting in inspired action towards achieving their goals. My credentials include degrees in marketing, business, and psychology along with the privilege to have worked with some of the most renowned thought leaders in the domains of emotional, spiritual, and leadership intelligence.


I am an ICF-certified coach, a certified group facilitator, and an expert in Bohmian Dialogue, sharing what I’ve learned from these experiences via workshops and online courses in addition to deep 1-on-1 work. As a former contributor to Forbes, I write on topics based on human consciousness. I also serve on the Advisory Committee of the American Leadership Forum.

I am a mother to two beautiful daughters who have taught me invaluable lessons. I reside in the Upstate of South Carolina, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Previous Clients

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